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If you are using a monochrome CCD camera like Orion's Parsec 8300M, an extra-narrowband imaging filter will bring you incredible detail of exciting emission nebulae. Orion's 2" Hydrogen-Alpha Filter is one of a set of three filters designed to blacken the background sky and increase the contrast of emission nebulae in monochrome astrophotography. Imaging with narrowband filters is the latest technique used by amateur astronomers for producing striking, high-contrast color CCD astrophotography of emission nebulae.

These specialized "line" filters transmit only the specific wavelengths of light important in emission nebulae while blocking out all the rest. Orion's 2" Hydrogen-Alpha Filter has a full-width half maximum (FWHM) bandpass of just 7nm, ensuring high-contrast images, even in heavily light-polluted or brightly moonlit skies. The filter can be used separately or in combination with a filter wheel for advanced tri-color imaging of emission nebulae.

Reveal and capture your favorite nebulae in striking high-contrast astrophotography, even in light polluted skies with Orion's Extra-Narrowband Hydrogen-Alpha Imaging Filter. It will truly add a new dimension to your astrophotography!

Orion 2" Extra-Narrowband Hydrogen-Alpha Filter, 4 Features

  • Filter for astrophotography transmits 90% of light at 656.3nm wavelength (H-alpha)
  • Full width half-maximum (FWHM) bandpass is 6.7nm or less for extra narrowband performance
  • Astrophotographgic H-alpha filter essentially blocks all other wavelengths of light, including light pollution
  • Ideal for Orion Parsec Astronomical Imaging Cameras
  • Metal filter cell threaded to fit Orion 2" accessories, including nosepiece of Orion CCD cameras and inside Filter Wheels

2" Orion Extra-Narrowband Hydrogen-Alpha Filter

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