• The crosshairs in standard finder scopes are difficult to see in the dark, which makes centering an object something of a guessing game. Well, we saw the light, and we now offer this finder scope with illuminated crosshairs, the Orion 9x50 Illuminated Finder Scope (no bracket). An adjustable-intensity red LED in the illuminator arm lights an etched-glass double crosshair reticle, making it as easy as target practice to center your viewing or photo subject or guide star. Centering an object precisely on the finder scope's crosshairs will ensure that it appears in your main scope's eyepiece or on your camera's charge coupled device (CCD) chip, exactly where you want it.

    Requires three SR-54 batteries for illuminator operation (batteries included). 


9x50 Orion Illuminated Finder Scope (no bracket)

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