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A surefire winner for bug enthusiasts everywhere, this is a set of four real, 3-D insect specimens perfectly preserved in resin. These are ideal specimens for study with a microscope; encased in crystal clear resin, the insects are perfectly visible from all angles. Great for school projects, research, display, and more!

Specimens like these make a stellar gift for any young and aspiring scientist. It is a wonderful experience for them to learn about such fascinating insects from the world, studying their anatomy up close and sating their curiosity in a harmless fashion. What is more, the insects can be placed on display in their room when not in use; the beautiful clear resin quite pleasant to look upon.

Included in this kit in particular are a real scorpion with all it's parts attached, the blackish stag beetle, a longhorn beetle with impressive antennae, and a bright red fire bug.

Celestron offers three different sets of bugs to choose from- why not collect them all?


  • Product Dimensions: Each insect measures approx. 1.75 in x 1.15 in x .85 in (44.3 mm x 29.2 mm x 21.8 mm)
  • One Scorpion in Resin
  • One Stag Beetle in Resin
  • One Longhorn Beetle in Resin
  • One Fire Bug in Resin


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