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  • Baader's 1.25"/T2 Focusing Eyepiece Holder features a female T / T2 thread on one side for attachment to T-threaded accessories. It has a 1.25" eyepiece holder on the other side. This holder features dual clamp screws and non-marring internal compression ring. Note that this is a rotating helical focuser mechanism - any eyepiece or accessory inserted into this will also rotate as you turn the focuser mechanism.

    The total length of the adapter can be varied via a helical focusing mechanism. The min-max height of this item is 28.7mm - 35.3mm (1.13" - 1.39"), so it has a focus travel of approx. 6.5mm (0.26"). Latest version with focus lock screw.

    Weight = 1.6oz. (45g).

    Manufacturer part number: T2-8A or EYEHOLD-2 or 2458125

Baader Hyperion DT Ring HDT54/58 (M54 to M58) # 2958058

SKU: 2958058
C$29.00 Regular Price
C$20.30Sale Price
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