• Important Note: For safety reasons, we cannot accept returns of this item once the sealed filter box has been opened. Please measure your optical instrument's tube diameter accurately BEFORE ordering a filter to make sure that you order the correct size.

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  • Baader # ASTF-160 AstroSolar solar filter with temperature-compensated cell for all telescopes (refractors, reflectors, & catadioptrics)
  • 160mm filter aperture
  • Suitable for high resolution, high magnification applications over a wide range of temperature conditions
  • Includes mounting accessories (centering bolts, sliding washers, fasteners, and safety straps)
  • Filter can be attached to items with an outside diameter (not aperture) of 180 - 220mm (7.08 - 8.66")
  • Sold individually
  • Product Details

    ASTF – Baader Solar Filters for All Telescopes (Refractor, Reflector, and Catadioptric)

    Baader's ASTF line of solar filters permit safe visual observation and solar photography with all types of telescopes. These telescope filters feature a temperature-compensated cell design to provide high-resolution views or images and are recommended for use with high-end amateur telescopes.

    This family of solar filters is made in the most elaborate way, and its construction and design is superior to that of the ASBF and ASSF line of Baader filters. Ideally, AstroSolar film must not be put under stress, either during mounting of the film or during any temperature change. For this reason the ASTF filter features a temperature compensated cell. The film itself is cemented onto an injection molded ring, and the substrate of that ring has the same thermal expansion properties as the AstroSolar Filter material itself. This free floating film-carrier ring is held onto the aluminum frame with the help of another holding ring made of fiber reinforced plastic to provide maximum security against breakage of the cell. This temperature compensated cell enables the AstroSolar filter material to retain its excellent optical quality at any temperature – be it -30°C or +50°C (-22°F or +122°F). 

    As a result, this filter is suitable for high magnifications and detailed observation of individual sunspots. You will experience no astigmatism during winter observations or with temperature changes in the summer. The filter comes with two sets of 3 injection molded centering-bolts (length 38mm) with threaded brass inserts to center the filter-cell in front of the tube opening. These bolts come in two diameters, 10mm and 20mm.

    Important Note: SCT Users must only mount the filter to the outside of the tube (the limited depth of the SCT front ID prevents adequate engagement of the centering bolts).

    ASTF-160 Solar Filter Specifications 

  • Item number: ASTF-160 or 2459314
  • AstroSolar film aperture: 160mm (6.29")
  • Outside diameter clamping range (with included 10mm bolts): 190 - 220mm (7.48 - 8.66")
  • Inside diameter clamping range (with included 10mm bolts): 210 - 240mm (8.26 - 9.44"). See additional info below.
  • Outside diameter clamping range (with included 20mm bolts): 180 - 210mm (7.08 - 8.26"

Baader AstroSolar Filter for Telescopes - 160mm Filter Aperture # ASTF-160

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