iOptron's Handheld Digital Microscope is equally well-suited for home, office, or a laboratory. Using the included aluminum stand and L-shaped pillar-type arm, it allows you to adjust its working distance as well as horizontal position above the base. The arm also features an adapter ring with thumbscrews to provide a secure attachment for the microscope. With its 0.3MP, 1/6.5" CMOS imaging sensor (capable of capturing still images and videos) and an 8-LED illumination ring, you can capture bright and crisp high-resolution images and videos. Together with included software this tool offers you a control of such options as automatic or manual exposure and while balance. The compact and lightweight polymer microscope body offers an ergonomic grip with a focusing wheel, conveniently located by your thumb. To protect optics and illumination system it provides a clear polymer bezel, and to provide easy control of illumination it has a dimmer wheel switch on its USB cord.

Sensor, Optical System, & Illumination

  • 0.3MP, 1/6.5" GC0308 CMOS sensor
  • 10 - 200x magnification
  • Automatic or manual exposure and white balance
  • IR Cut filter limits optical transmission to 380 - 650nm range
  • 8-LED illuminator ring with dimmer

Photo/Video Capture, Memory, & Ports

  • Captures 640x480 images
  • Captures 640x480 videos at 30 fps
  • Saves visual data to a PC via USB 2.0 connection

Stage, Focusing, and Construction

  • Polymer housing construction
  • Clear bezel protects optics and illumination from dirt and damage
  • Attached USB 2.0 cord provides power and allows data transfer
  • Coarse-focusing adjustment with a knurled knob
  • Handheld or mounted operation
  • Aluminum stand with pillar-type L-shaped aluminum arm
  • Rod allows adjusting height by 2" and horizontal position

iOptron 6730 Handheld Digital Microscope

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