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Our Firefly Heaters require the purchase of one of our controllers. Our FireFly Heater Systems all operate from 12 Volts DC.

We have heater systems for virtually any optic or electronic device used in amatuer astronomy and outdoor photography. They are designed to keep them functioning and moisture free in humid and/or cold weather. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you should be able to find it on the other heater products pages on our site.


Kendrick's FireFly heaters are designed for the astronomer who requires a dew prevention system that is both economical in price and power. Although unable to perform up to the high standards as our original Premier brand of heaters, astronomers and anyone else requiring heated optics for dew prevention can depend on our FireFly heaters to perform under all but the most demanding observing conditions. Note that if your observing site gets temperatures that approach freezing on the nights you like to observe, you should consider the Premier line of heaters.

Having lower power requirements than our Premier heater line, these heaters will extend the life of your battery between charges. Using a different heater technology but operating under the same principle as our Premier line of heaters, these heaters will mildly disperse heat into your optics without compromising the figure of your telescope or camera optics.

As well, because of our unique manufacturing process, the FireFly heaters will direct their heat into your optics instead of losing it into the atmosphere. We have had these heaters independently tested for heat transmission and the resulting images below clearly show the effectiveness of our build technology. These heaters are very effective in directing most of the heat into the optics which is important if dew is to be prevented.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Some competing manufacturers of dew heaters make claims that their heaters, with half the wattage of our Premier line of heaters, will perform just as well as our Premier heaters, often at a much lower price! Well, this is true to a point but once you get down to temperatures approaching freezing, forget it, it just ain't gonna happen! You cannot escape the laws of Physics. Half the wattage means half the power, end of story. We make no such claims about our FireFly heaters. They do have their limitations. Lastly, our Firefly heaters use the same heater technology as our competitors but have the same high build quality as our Premier heaters, with features that our competitors do not.

Kendrick .965 inch Eyepiece Heater

SKU: 2004-FFR
C$49.00 Regular Price
C$34.30Sale Price
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