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Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope. Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror. Also included: Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit

Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope supplied with the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit and detailed user guide is the perfect choice for beginners children and students. The microscope works in bright field mode allowing you to observe transparent specimens. 200x magnification will allow an amateur researcher to see every interesting detail of an observed object that might be needed for non-professional purposes.

The plano-concave mirror provides all the light needed and doesn’t require a separate power supply. The plano-concave mirror is the safest type of illumination so you can entrust this model to the kids. Made of metal this microscope is reliable and steady which is another desirable quality when used by children.

16x objective provides quality images without aberrations. The head (as well as the stage) can be inclined to adjust to your position. A coarse focusing system allows you to focus the view and make it sharper.

The kit includes:. - Microscope. - Objective: 16x. - Eyepiece: 12.5x. - Condenser. - Stage with clips. - Plano-concave mirror. - 4 AA batteries. - Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit. - User manual and 3-year

Experiment kit includes:. - User Guide. - Tweezers. - Hatchery for Artemia. - Flask with brine shrimp. - Microtome – a tool for making slices. - Bottle of yeast. - Bottle of sea salt. - 5 prepared specimens. - 5 clean slides

Specifications:. Magnification x: 200. Head: monocular. Eyepiece: H12.5x. Objective: 16x achromat. Body type: straight body tube. Stage dimensions in: 3.9x3.6 with stage clips. Condenser: disk diaphragm. Focus: coarse 0.8 in. Illumination: 1.6 in plano-concave mirror

Levenhuk 25649 3S NG Microscope

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