Lumicon Neutral Density Filters are made from renowned Schott and Hoya optical glass and allow for maximum contrast on viewing planetary and lunar detail. Individually precision ground, highly polished with maximum light transmission coatings on both sides, these filters are 100% guaranteed for life.

The LF1085, 1.25" Neutral Density 25 (nd25), transmits 25% of all incident light, while blocking 75%. For lunar and planetary observing with 5" (125mm) and larger telescopes.

Clear aperture = 26.6mm (1.05"); Weight = 0.2oz.; Filters feature standard male and female 1.25" astronomy filter threads (M28.5x0.6) on either side and can be stacked; Total length of filter cell (including threads) = 10mm (0.39")

Manufacturer part number: LF1085

    Lumicon Neutral Density Filter ND25 25% Transmission - 1.25" # LF1085

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