• Tired of constantly having to charge multiple DSLR camera batteries, or having to monitor the remaining battery charge or, worse, having a battery die in the middle of an astrophotography session? Well, we've got the solution: the Orion 12V Power Adapter for DSLRs. This compact, affordable adapter lets you power your DSLR from a 12-volt field battery - the same one you're probably already using to run all your other 12V astro gear at your away-from-home imaging site. 

    Compatible with Canon EOS Rebel XS, XSi, T1i, 450D, 500D and 1000D DSLR cameras, the 12V DC Power Adapter is a wonderfully practical accessory for DSLR astrophotographers who don't have access to AC power. You just insert the included DC coupler for your compatible Canon EOS DSLR into the camera's battery compartment in place of the battery, then plug the cigarette lighter connector into your 12V DC field battery. Now your camera will stay powered-up all night long, and then some. You can literally set it and forget it!  

    The 12V DC Power Adapter for DSLRs is a "switching-mode" power supply, which is highly energy efficient, minimizing the drain on your 12V battery compared to linear-mode power supplies. And it is much more efficient than using an AC adapter with a power inverter to run your camera. The adapter converts the 12V input to a 7.4V output suitable for powering a DSLR. A fuse in the cigarette lighter plug protects your camera against potentially damaging current spikes.  

    So if you use one of the compatible Canon DSLRs for astrophotography, the Orion 12V DC Power Adapter for DSLRs will save you money (on multiple internal batteries), save you hassle (charging and monitoring those limited-capacity internal batteries), and save you valuable imaging time (no more time lost due to a battery dying during an automated image sequence). Get yours today!


Orion 12V DC Power Adapter for EOS 450D, 500D, 1000D DSLRs

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