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  • This comfortable field harness is an ideal companion for your favorite daytime binoculars.  

    Anyone who has used binoculars while hiking or on a nature walk knows that they can often be annoying to carry. Even when equipped with a neck strap, binoculars are prone to bumping into your chest while striding down the trail, and they can be a nuisance as they swing around when navigating over complex terrain. The Orion Binocular Field Harness will keep your binoculars from flopping around so you can concentrate on more important matters like exploring the beauty of nature around you, and keeping your feet on the trail! 

    The Orion Binocular Field Harness will keep your trusty binoculars right where you need them too for easy access. 


Orion Binocular Field Harness

SKU: 51983
C$26.00 Regular Price
C$18.20Sale Price
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    Prices are in Canadian Dollar

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