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    Capture an image of that rare bird or downrange bullseye on your compact digital camera with the UDCH-60 Universal Digital Camera Holder from Olivon. This versatile accessory connects most point & shoot or mirrorless cameras to most spotting scopes. The UDCH-60 clamps onto the scope's eyepiece and has lateral adjustments that help the digiscoper align the camera lens with the ocular. Switching from photography to observation is easy – you can simply swing the camera aside to look through the eyepiece. Once you've composed and focused your shot, swing the camera back into place and capture the image or video. A shutter release cable is included so you can snap the picture without camera shake for a tack-sharp image.


  • Connects most compact cameras to most spotting scopes for digiscoping
  • Clamps to most spotting scopes
  • Lateral adjustments to align camera lens with eyepiece
  • Camera swings aside for observation, shot composition & focusing
  • Shutter release cable to prevent camera shake

SkyWatcher / Olivon UDCH-60 Universal Digital Camera Holder

C$130.00 Regular Price
C$91.00Sale Price
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    Prices are in Canadian Dollar

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