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  • Gibraltar Upgrade Kit. Adapters Tele-Pod head to old Gibraltar tripods with large bearing hole.

    Until 2002, Gibraltar tripods regulated horizontal motion via a 1 1/2ý-diameter bearing post in a plastic bushing pressed into the tripod head casting.

    Current-model Gibraltars utilize a bearing system built into the horizontal plate of the Tele Pod head. A 3/8ý-threaded stud goes from the Tele Pod through a 3/8ý hole in the the Gibraltar casting. The new system has several advantages:

    Bearing tension in the head is adjustable.

    The head cannot accidentally fall off or be pulled off the tripod.

    Sky Tour is attached to the head for horizontal motion, making a more-secure connection and avoiding wire ýwind-upý from the underside connection required in the older Gibraltar.

Tele Vue Gibraltar Upgrade Kit GUK-1001

SKU: GUK-1001
C$73.00 Regular Price
C$43.80Sale Price
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