• Full Aperture Glass solar filter Type 2+ for Celestron 8" Newtonians, Orion Sky Watcher 8"

    Thousand Oaks' Optical TYPE 2 + Full Aperture White Light Solar Filters made with high quality, hand select glass, and coated with exclusive Solar II Plus produce the most durable glass filter on the market. Transmission is 1/1,000th of 1% (Optical Density 5). Great for both visual and photographic use.

    Fitted exclusively by telescope aperture size, any telescope can become a SAFE solar scope. With white light, you can very plainly see sunspots and activity in both the umbra and penumbra regions, granulation, and occasionally a white light solar flare shooting off the limb.

    Full Aperature filters produce optimum viewing in scopes up to 10" aperture. Larger aperture scopes may be compromised by daytime atmospheric turbulence which can be magnified by the aperture size. For 10" and larger scopes Thousand Oaks Optical offers superb Off-Axis (reduced aperture) solar filters to reduce the effects of atmospheric turbulence.

    Choosing the right glass solar filter for your telescope is as simple as knowing the outer diameter of your telescope's optical tube. Perfect fit is then achieved with self-adhesive felt strips to make sure your glass solar filter stays securely in place at all times. As always, our expert staff is available to assist you in selecting the correct solar filter(s) for your system.

Thousand Oaks Type 2+ Glass Solar Filter - 233MM ID, Full Aperture

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