Vixen's Cable Release Digiscoping Bracket is intended to allow point & shoot digital cameras to be fired from a conventional cable release.  In the high-magnification world of digiscoping, even a very judiciously applied push of the shutter button from your finger can be the difference in a crisp print and a muddy one that you must discard.  It is far better to use a remote control or cable release, but of course many cameras which would otherwise be great candidates for digiscoping do not allow either; that's where this device proves its worth.

To use this bracket, your camera (including all protrusions) cannot be taller than 80mm, nor have a distance longer than 80mm between the center of the camera's tripod socket and the side of the camera with the shutter.  Additionally, the maximum allowed distance (including all protrusions) between the side of the camera with the shutter and the shutter itself is 22mm.

Adapts point & shoot digital cameras to accept conventional cable releases

Angle of cable release towards camera can be adjusted

Valuable shake reducer for digiscoping

1/4"-20 Threaded socket upon bottom

No restrictions upon depth of camera

Accepts cable releases with maximum diameter of 7mm and throw length of 12mm & longer

Vixen Optics Cable Release Digiscoping Bracket

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