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The Vixen DG-NLV DX Digital Camera Adapter allows you to use your point & shoot digital camera to capture collimated light images projected from your telescope/eyepiece combination.  Your camera must have filter threads (or an accessory hood/adapter which allows filter threads) that are 28, 37, 43, or 52mm diameter.

Although other eyepieces may work depending upon their dimensions, this device is only specifically guaranteed to work with Vixen 1.25" NLV/LV/PL/NPL series eyepieces between 2.5-25mm.  Just as when capturing collimated light imaging via 'digiscoping' with a digital point & shoot and spotting scope, the net magnification levels can become very extreme-so as a general rule, it is best to use a longer focal length eyepiece to help minimize the magnification and allow more light in to the digital camera.

In the case of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian reflector, this camera adapter will attach directly to the telescope's focuser barrel and you'll then 'sandwich' a Vixen NLV or LV series eyepiece within the adapter.  Add the specific DG DX Ring which matches your camera's filter size (they come in 28, 37, 43, & 52mm) to your camera, and you can then affix your point and shoot camera with the DG DX Ring in place to the back of this adapter.

Most Vixen telescopes except the R200SS are generally supplied with a 42mm-to-31.7mm (1.25") adapter.  In those cases, you leave that adapter in place and attach this DG-NLV DX adapter to the rear of the 42mm-31.7mm (1.25") adapter, with a Vixen 1.25" NLV or LV eyepiece within the DG-NLV DX adapter.  Just as with the R200SS, you then affix a DG DX ring to your camera's filter threads and then attach the camera to the rear of this DG-NLV DX adapter.

Allows collimated light digiscoping with Vixen LV, NLV, PL, and NPL 1.25" (31.7mm) eyepieces between 2.5mm-25mm

Requires filter-size-specific Vixen DG DX Ring (28mm, 37mm, 43mm, or 52mm)

Exceptionally well machined

Vixen Optics DG-NLV DX Digiscoping Adapter

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