• The Vixen 32752 Space Eye 70 Telescope brings the stars and planets down to eye level! This easy-to-use telescopeprovides everything you need to get started with stargazing and amateure astronomy. The Vixen SpaceEye Refracting Telescope will show you craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn, the Galilean satellites, star clusters and more! From the mount's slow motion handles to the diagonal eyepiece holder, this beginner level telescope from Vixen has features and a level of quality found on many higher priced optical tubes. With the included eyepieces, you are ready in minutes. Set up is quick and easy.

    With a total weight of 6.8 pounds, the Vixen Space Eye Astronomical Telescope is easily transportable and ideal for the beginning stargazer or casual backyard astronomer. If you're looking for a starter telescope, the Vixen Space Eye Telescope is ideal. This Vixen telescope will get you started in your exploration of the night sky!

    Specifications for Vixen Space Eye 70 Astronomy Telescope:

    Effective Aperture: 70mm
    Focal Length: 700mm
    Resolving Power: 1.66 arc sec.
    Light Gathering Power: 100x
    Finder Scope: 5x20mm
    Visual Back: Insertion 31.7mm push fit
    Eyepiece: PL20 (30x); PL10 (60x)
    Mount type: Altazimuth Mount with Tripod
    Other Accessory: Erect Image Diagonal; Accessory Tray
    Total Weight: 6.8 lbs

    Features of Vixen 32752 Space Eye 70 Refractor Telescope:

  • 5x power finder scope
  • Lightweight, easily carried, sets up fast
  • Package Contents:

  • Vixen SpaceEye 70 Telescope
  • Finder Scope
  • Erect-Image Diagonal eyepiece connector
  • (2) eyepieces
  • Mount
  • Tripod
  • Accessory Tray
  • Altazimuth mount with vertical fine motion and horizontal fine motion handle
  • Complete setup included - no additional accessories required!

Vixen Space Eye 70mm Refractor Telescope 32752

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