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Vixen t-Rings are especially designed for eyepiece projection or prime focus photography. A high quality T-Ring vital to ensure the film plane that is square to the optical axis. These T rings from Vixen accomplish that while minimizing any flexure. TRings from Vixen used to attach a digital camera body to a camera adapter for photography through a Vixen telescope. Also Vixen T Rings can be used for astrophotography in conjunction with other prime focus or eyepiece projection adapters.

Available Vixen T-Ring Mounts models:

  • 37302: Vixen Four Thirds T-Ring Adapter
  • 37306: Vixen T-Ring Mount for Canon Eos Camera
  • 37302: Vixen Four Thirds T-Ring Adapter
  • 37304: Vixen T Ring Mount Adapter for Minolta
  • 37305: Vixen T-Ring Adapter for Canon Camera
  • 37307: Vixen Mount T Ring Adapter for Practica
  • 37309: Vixen Mount T-Ring for Contax Cameras
  • 37312: Vixen Adapter T Ring for Konica Digital Cameras
  • 37311: Vixen T Ring Adapter for Olympus Cameras

and more ...

Specifications for Vixen T-rings Camera Adapters:

Dimensions (inch):4" x 3.5" x 1"
Weight:1 Ounce

Features of Vixen Mount T rings Adapters:

  • Designed for eyepiece projection or prime focus photography
  • Used to attach a slr camera body to a digital camera adapter for photography through a Vixen scopes
  • Can be used for astro photography in conjunction with other prime focus or eyepiece projection adapters

Vixen T-Ring Adapters

C$39.00 Regular Price
C$27.30Sale Price
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    Prices are in Canadian Dollar

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